TAPCO and FLIR Partner to Provide
Precise, Reliable and Accurate Thermal Detection in Traffic Safety

FLIR's thermal traffic sensors, the TrafiSense and the TrafiOne, are now integrated within our Wrong-Way Alert and Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems to provide unmatched precision, accuracy and reliability in the detection and warning of traffic hazards.

You can read the full Press Release here to learn more about our partnership with FLIR.

The new offering within the TAPCO Intelligent Warning line provides many valuable features:

  • Accurate detection utilizing infrared heat profiles, enabling visibility in total darkness, fog and sun glare
  • Easy setup and configuration with no road shutdown necessary
  • Versatile functionality dependent upon need, with many possible zones and configurations
  • Simple integration with TAPCO's BlinkLink® remote monitoring and management software

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Detection

In pedestrian and bicyclist detection, the Pedestrian Thermal Sensor's targeted detection zone allows it to identify vulnerable road users moving within the crosswalk and activate TAPCO Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems. Download the data sheet.

TrafiOne-With Thermal-1

Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection

The Wrong-Way Vehicle Thermal Sensor can monitor configured detection areas up to six lanes of traffic to activate TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems. Download the data sheet.

TrafiSense1-With Thermal